The Story of Yao Cordyceps.

Performance Enhancing Super Herbs. Yao Cordyceps springs from the vision of its owner. In the beginning, the owner had severe health problems, had no energy or vitality, and was very concerned. He was very fortunate, as he came across a Thai Herbal Grower, near to his home. She had a cordyceps nursery. It was Cordyceps militaris. He started taking the cordyceps and found his health improved dramatically, his energy and vitality returned, and his symptoms went away. He realized this could help many people who are suffering from health problems around the world and could help them regain a life of health and prosperity again as he has. That is why he launched Yao Cordyceps to the world.

The Mission of Yao Cordyceps.

The owner decided to go on a mission of providing the best quality Cordyceps directly to consumers around the world that he could, and he realized, that and to do this, he collaborated with experts from 3 universities in Chiang Mai. He set about investing a large amount of money in Research and Development working with Maejo University Agricultural University in Chiang Mai, to develop the best and most efficient growing methods and processes for growing and processing optimum cordyceps. He also realized he would have to prove his commitment by providing the highest sanitation and documentation throughout the process.

This also ensured they could get the maximum beneficial nutrients and bioactive elements for human health and a consistently high-value product. He is also working with the scientists at Chiang Mai University and Nareasun University in Lumpang, to research the scientific benefits and develop the formulas for his products using the synergistic effects of Royal Jelly from bees and Thai herbs like Amalaki and Jiaogulan and others. Corporate Responsibility. Yao will be fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility to the less fortunate citizens seriously and will be donating a percentage of its cordyceps products for research and to help the needy, such as pensioners and the underprivileged.