SM Trend Training and Service Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality gold quality “YAO CORDYCEPS” brand in Yong and Old Cordyceps. And is operated by Mr. Yuthana Nilasakul, the Company’s director.

We strive to develop the best products with research on the Golden “YAO” brand name, both locally and internationally. Our farming system is under closed system and hence all the active constituents are retained. Yao Cordyceps has been found to contain up to five times the active ingredient (Cordycepin) and is five times more potent than other Cordyceps products on the market. And is much more potent than the Cordyceps from Tibet. The quality and potency of every production lot is carefully analysed to ensure consistency. This ensures Gold Standard Cordyceps. Currently distributed through a Call Center in TV Direct format in Thailand, and is now also expanding into foreign markets.

Mr. Yuthana Nilasakul

320/7 Moo 4, Nongharn, Sansai Chiangmai 50290
Tel. (+66) 099 207 4775