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Royal Jelly
Queen Bell - Royal Jelly, Why is it called Royal. ?
Royal Jelly is very special, it is only fed to Queen Bee’s and it can extend the Queen’s lifespan by 50 times longer than a worker Bee ( Huge increase in Longevity). And it gives the Queen Bee an amazing ability to work producing up to 2,500 eggs per day. ( Amazing increase in metabolic energy.) # Ref 1
Also, Because Bee’s and there products have been
Stimulate better memory and mental function
• Increase sexual vitality and rejuvenation
• Increase vigour and physical strength
• Regulate and balance hormonal activity and increase fertility
• Normalize blood pressure
• Improve skin smoothness and elasticity
• Regenerate bone tissue
• Promote building of soft tissues and muscles
• Enhance wound healing
• Decrease arthritic symptoms
• Protect the liver
• Decrease depression and calm anxiety
• Stimulate the immune system to fight infections and tumors
• Lower cholesterol and blood lipid levels
• Stimulate production of red blood cells
• Prevent hair loss
• Help in some CNS disorders including Parkinson’s Disease
# Ref1.
- It has also been shown to have Anti-aging Properties.
- Cosmetic Benefits.
- Balance Menopausal Symptoms.
- Osteoporosis.
- Assist fertility in both women and men.
- Wound Healing.
- Anti-Cancer activity.
- Antibacterial activity.
- Anti-viral activity.
- Antifatigue effects.
- Assists Brain Injury repair.
- Assists with Cholesterol Management.
- Assists Bone formation.
- Stimulates Collagen.
- Assists balancing Glucose and Insulin Response.

ROYAL JELLY- Composition
• Water- 67%
• Proteins- 13%
• Sugars- 11% Fructose 6%, Glucose 4%
Sucrose 1%
• Fatty Acids 5% shorter chains than usual
for insects 8-10 carbons vs. humans 14-20
• Minerals 1% Ca,Cu,Fe,Mg,Mn,Na,K,Zn,Si
• 7-9 different sterols-sitosterol, cortisol, cholesterol
• 4 phospholipids from which cell walls are made
• 5 glycolipids which provide energy

Vitamins in Royal Jelly
• Only trace or insignificant amounts of vit B12, vit C, and
lipid soluble vitamins A,D,E and K
According to US Dept of Agriculture Royal Jelly has
• B 1 Thiamin 1.5-7.4 mcg/gm
• B 2 Riboflavin 5.3-10 mcg/gm
• B 3 Niacin 60-150 mcg/gm
• B 5 Pantothenic Acid 65-200 mcg/gm
• B 6 Pyridoxine 2.2-10.2 mcg/gm
• B 7 Biotin 0.9-0.5 mcg/gm
• B 9 Folic Acid 0.16-0.5 mcg/gm
• B12 Cobalamin 0.015 mcg/gm
• Royal jelly is the richest natural source known for Vit B5

52 Royal Jelly Proteins Identified
Other than the major royal jelly protein family
and some other previously identified proteins,
42 novel proteins were identified which are
about 3% of the protein in RJ but most of their
functions are still unknown. # Ref 1

Comprehensive Royal Jelly (RJ) Proteomics Using One- and
Two-Dimensional Proteomics Platforms Reveals Novel RJ
Proteins and Potential Phospho/Glycoproteins
J. Proteome Res, June 26, 2008

Adverse Effects/ Cautions
Asthma/Allergic reaction
• Asthma, together with, in some cases,
anaphylaxis, was observed in seven subjects
following ingestion of royal jelly, a secretion of
honey bees which is used as a health tonic.
• Conclusion: Symptoms of asthma and
anaphylaxis seen in subjects following ingestion
of royal jelly were true IgE-mediated
hypersensitivity reactions.
Asthma and anaphylaxis induced by royal jelly. Thien FC, Leung R,
Baldo BA, Weiner JA, Plomley R, Czarny D. Clin Exp Allergy. 1996