YAO Cordyceps



Yao Cordyceps, cultivate their mushrooms on Grain Substrates (GSM) in laboratories.

This growing method produces a product that is far superior to the Tibetian Cordyceps harvested from the wild. Because, now with modern technology, research, enhanced nutrition and processing techniques, we have been able to produce a product that is optimised in its growing conditions and far exceeds the very best Tibetian Cordyceps in its active constituents and health benefits.

Also due to its limited availability and high price, these growing regions have been plundered, and lower quality and diluted products are now on the market. The possibility of certifying their quality and contamination levels is not available.


Yao Cordyceps are much higher quality than most of the other cultivated Cordyceps sold on the world market today as most of the other products are produced by Liquid Culture Fermentation (LFM) method, taking only about five days to grow and harvest. About 90% of the beneficial enzymes and nutrients are in the liquid is thrown away when the Cordyceps are picked.

Yao Cordyceps use a superior Solid-Substrate method (GSM) which takes 45 days and allows the Cordyceps to mature and retain the beneficial enzymes and nutrients in the product. All these enzymes and nutrients are captured and provided to the consumer.

This is verified by research and analyses.

Dietary Supplement.

Using high quality Yao cordyceps and beneficial herbs, Jiaogulan and Amalaki. These help strengthen the immune system, which gives natural protection to the body. They stimulate white blood cell production and help to inhibit cancer cells from proliferating. Breaks down old cells to make way for fresh new revitalized cells which helps to clean, stimulate and balance blood circulation. Helps control and reduce blood sugar, fat and cholesterol. Adaptogenic it balances the different elements of the body and adapt to what the body needs. Nourishes your body both at rest and when you exerting yourself. (Taps the reserves in your cells) Allows you to sleep better and wake up refreshed.
Important components:
Active Ingredients Properties
Powder Coat (Mycelium) 50.40% (252 mg)
Jiaogulan Powder 10% (50 mg)
Amalaki powder 20% (100 mg)
Inactive Ingredients Properties
Vege capsule 19.60% (98 mg)

Product Detail
Product Features
Benefits – Combats fatigue, improves bodily functioning.
- Helps the body feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
-Nourishes the body
Target Group Physical (Target Group) Adolescents - Elderly, Rehabilitation and People with Health Problems
Results (Improved sleep and daily performance)
- body is refreshed and rejuvenate.
Appearance (Capsule) Capsule (500 mg)
Packaging (packaging type) 10 capsules each and
Each bottle of 30 capsules (in a bottle with a moisture absorbent sachet)
Direction (How to use) Take 1 capsule (500 mg) once a day before breakfast or before bedtime.
Suggestion: Should be taken on an empty stomach.