YAO Royal

YAO TANG CHAO ROYAL LOVE YOUNG LOVE “YAO” Royal Jelly Queen Bell – Royal Jelly, Why is it called Royal. ? Royal Jelly is very special, it is only fed to Queen Bee’s and it can extend the Queen’s lifespan by 50 times longer than a worker Bee ( Huge increase in Longevity). And it […]

YAO Cordyceps

YAO CORDYCEPS LOVE YOUNG LOVE “YAO” Yao Cordyceps, cultivate their mushrooms on Grain Substrates (GSM) in laboratories. This growing method produces a product that is far superior to the Tibetian Cordyceps harvested from the wild. Because, now with modern technology, research, enhanced nutrition and processing techniques, we have been able to produce a product that […]